Bandwidth Exchange

Meson Network is building a suite of critical Web3 network infrastructure as well as the world’s first decentralized Bandwidth Exchange.

Network Edge Locations
Network Capacity
Average Latency
Hit Ratio

CDN & GatewayX

Decentralized infrastructure based on meson nodes


Next generation decentralized edge cloud for all platforms


Infrastructure for bigdata and intelligence based on millions of gaga

Infra Marketplace Built by People

We believe the design principle behind blockchain is to make the rights to everyone and not be governed by the giants. That’s why we practice the protocol model to build the marketplace and take it to the Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Playstation, and IoT as well.

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The Power of Meson

Meson builds a protocol to standardize the infra resources and offers a market for people to trade globally.


Take a look at roadmap, showing various stages of mission and upcoming visions.

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Launch the Testnet-2.5
Release the Token Model Documentation
Ship the Production Version
TestNet: ERC20-based network gateway and CDN
TestNet: Gaganode and IPCola massive adoption
Mainnet: Staking exchange and Meson Blockchain